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CIRKIL® is the smarter, safer
way to control bed bugs

CIRKIL® – An EPA Registered Biopesticide

  • Kills 100% of bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs on contact
  • Kills 100% of bed bug adults and nymphs as a residual for up to 2 weeks
  • Kills 100% of bed bug eggs as a residual for up to 3 weeks
  • Effective against pyrethroid-resistant strains
  • Works fast. Broad & flexible indoor application
  • Botanically derived active ingredient with non-toxic mode of action

3 Easy Ways to Use Cirkil

Debug Clutter

New Rag in a Bag™ protocol kills 100% of bed bug adult, nymph and eggs in bagged clutter using CIRKIL RTU®.

Crack & Crevice Treatment

Use CIRKIL CX® as a crack and crevice treatment. Use it on many surfaces not available with conventional pesticides.

Spot Treatment

Use CIRKIL RTU® where a water-based spray could cause damage.

What Professionals Are Saying

  • It actually delivers on the claims that it makes about its efficacy.

    D. WatkinsHydrex Pest Control, Camarillo CA

  • It is more effective than any of the traditional chemical products on the market.
    If you don't want bed bugs, this is the product to use.

    J. OnetoSan Joaquin Pest Control, Visalia CA
  • The active ingredient (Cold Pressed Neem Oil) presents no issues of toxicological, ecological, or environmental concern.

    EPA Biopesticide Registration Action DocumentU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Trials conducted at product label rates showed control of bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs. Treatment residues on various substrates killed all adults in less than 24 hours, and direct spray killed all adults in less than 8 hours. Bed bug eggs exposed to dry residues, wet residues and direct sprays of treatment all did not hatch.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • I am very happy. I can now say with confidence that Cirkil works with heat treatments. And it provides the best backup guarantee with 100% efficacy every time with just one treatment.

    Patrick McDonaldMcDonald Pest Control
  • One thing I do love about CIRKIL CX is the labor saved. And that is the most cost, the labor. We can pass that savings onto the customer and be more competitive in our pricing.

    Randall EshomUpstate Pest Management, Redding CA
Our Discovery
In addition to validating the bug killing efficacy of neem oil, we also developed Inspirium™ technology that supercharges the way this botanical neem is delivered, making CIRKIL® exceptionally effective—killing 100% of bed bugs, eggs and chemical-pesticide-resistant strains.
Bed bugs don’t stand a chance.


EPA Registration doesn’t come easy. The number on our bottle (EPA Reg No. 88760-1) represents a significant investment of time, energy, and resources to validate our findings, and make sure that what’s inside the bottle matches the claims on the label.

Independent Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. The effectiveness of CIRKIL® has been independently validated by entomologists and research scientists at leading American universities and independent laboratories.

Expert Endorsements

In addition to academic experts and research scientists, many leading Pest Management Companies swear by our products. They’ve seen first hand how conventional chemical pesticides have become less effective in the field—and are choosing to use our products exclusively because they work so well at killing bed bugs.

Years Of Research

Unlike less sophisticated natural remedies, CIRKIL® uses an EPA-registered plant-based bio-pesticide as its active ingredient. Terramera was required to submit extensive research and validation to the Environmental Protection Agency prior to bringing our product to market.
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