CIRKIL® is brought to you by Terramera, Inc.. Founded in 2010, Terramera’s products are the result of years of research leading up to their EPA certification.

Terramera is derived from the Latin word for ‘Earth’ (Terra) and the Hindi words for ‘yours’ (Tera) and ‘mine’ (Mera). It symbolizes our understanding that the Earth is a shared resource (yours and mine). This is why our products are made in partnership with nature, science, and the people we are committed to serving for present and future generations.

From the beginning, Terramera PlantScience has remained steadfast in our belief in sustainable pest management practices. Terramera’s products are safe—for our customers and for the environment—and match or exceed the efficacy of traditional pesticide products.

Our products are inspired by the natural defenses plants use to protect themselves. Using our patent-pending Inspirium™ technology, we have built a platform that replace the need for conventional chemical pesticides by delivering plant extracts in a better way that makes them more effective than conventional chemicals.

On September 1, 2014 Terramera has completed the acquisition of Plasma Power, an India-based manufacturer of Cold Pressed Neem Oil. Headquartered in Chennai India, Plasma Power produces a range of products for use agricultural crop protection including the only US EPA registered cold pressed neem oil for use as a pesticide. Plasma Power’s Cold Pressed Neem Oil is the active ingredient in Terramera’s leading biopesticides which include CIRKIL professional products. This important acquisition give Terramera guaranteed supply for CIRKIL’s active ingredient.

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