CIRKIL is the smarter, safer way to control bed bugs


CIRKIL® RTU is a Ready-to-Use formulation designed for use in spot treatments, for quick contact kill, when quick dry times and residual kill of eggs and adults are required. Available in 32 oz. trigger spray, and 3 oz. finger pump spray bottles.



CIRKIL® CX is an emulsifiable concentrate formula designed for Pest Management Professionals. It is intended for dilution and use in hand-held pump sprayers (e.g. B&G pump sprayer). Available in 32 oz. bottles.



Kills Pyrethroid Resistant Bugs

CIRKIL has been proven to be 100% effective against pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.

Works as a Residual Treatment

CIRKIL has been proven to be 100% effective at killing bed bugs, & their eggs for up to 3 weeks.

Works Fast

CIRKIL isn’t just effective, it’s fast and delivers real results quickly.

Kills Bed Bug Eggs

CIRKIL is the only product that kills bed bug eggs on contact and as a residual treatment.


CIRKIL is made to National Organics Program standards with food-grade, plant-based materials with non-toxic modes of action.

Strong Smell of Protection

CIRKIL has a unique botanical scent that lets you know it’s working.

CIRKIL Vs. The Rest

CIRKIL™ Chemical Pesticides 25B Products
EPA Registered
Plant-Based Some
Kills bed bugs on contact Some Some
Kills eggs on contact Some Some
Residual killing power vs. bed bugs Some
Residual egg killing power vs. eggs
Works on pesticide-resistant strains Some Some
Preventative treatment Some
Food-grade ingredients Some
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