• One of the challenges we all have is dealing with (bed bug) eggs because our spray formulation insecticides really do not have that much efficacy on eggs... here (with CIRKIL)  we have something that works on eggs and we really need that kind of tool."

    Dr. Dini MillerVirginia Tech University
Research Verified Effectiveness
Independent tests have proven that Terramera’s CIRKIL®  exhibits noteworthy effectiveness against bed bug adults, nymphs, and their eggs and meets the highest industry and regulatory standards of safety and efficacy. Following are results from independent studies showing CIRKIL’s® efficacy.
CIRKIL Kills Adult Bed Bugs On Contact
When sprayed directly, CIRKIL kills 100% of Bed Bugs
CIRKIL Kills Adult bed bugs as a Residual
Even as a residual, CIRKIL kills 100% of Bed Bugs
CIRKIL Kills Bed Bug Eggs On Contact and as a Residual
When sprayed directly, CIRKIL kills 100% of Bed Bugs
CIRKIL Kills Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bugs
Unlike other leading products, CIRKIL works on pyrethroid resistant strains as well
Archived Webinars with Industry Experts
Webinar with Dr. Dini Miller
April 15, 2014, Vancouver, B.C.

Webinar conducted with renowned entomologist and leading expert on bedbugs, Dr. Dini Miller of Virginia Tech. See her latest research on effective treatments against bed bugs, and specifically the results of tests using ® Rag in a Bag.

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