The Problem

Treating clutter in a bed bug job is a real challenge. Bed bugs will hide and lay eggs in items that would be damaged if treated with water-based emulsion sprays. Not treating these items means your customer still has bed bugs and you will likely be back for re-treatment.

Our Solution

The new CIRKIL® RAG IN A BAG® protocol has been designed to kill bed bugs and eggs in bagged clutter. This innovative protocol uses CIRKIL® to deal with infested hard-to-treat items like electronics, books and clutter, reducing repeat visits that are costly & time-consuming.

  • Even if a PMP uses a different pesticide for their broadcast treatment, CIRKIL® RAG IN A BAG™ is a must-have complement to that treatment. It gives PMPs an important tool to complete their total bed bug protocol.

    Shannon LentzTechnical Support Manager, Terramera
  • PMPs can avoid callbacks caused by re-infestation and residents can save the items they would otherwise have to get rid of.

    Shannon LentzTechnical Support Manager, Terramera
  • CIRKIL penetrates into cracks & crevices. It kills not only bed bug adults, but eggs as well.

    Nate WoodburySenior Entomologist, Terramera

Summary of Rag in a Bag Test Results

Source: Dr. Dini MIller, Virginia Tech University

Treat Expensive Electronics

Treat Clutter and Household Items

Treat Shoes and Purses

How to use CIRKIL® Rag in a Bag®

  • STEP 1

    Put bed bug infested items in a large plastic garbage bag. Do not fill more than 2/3 rds full.

  • STEP 2

    Apply 1 oz. of CIRKIL RTU on a facecloth or rag.

  • STEP 3

    Put 2-4 treated rags into the bag. Use 2 rags for items such as electronics, DVD, clutter, footwear or handbags, and 4 rags for highly absorbent items such as books and clothing. Prevent the items from directly contacting the treated rag by placing a sufficient barrier, such as a plastic sheet, between the rag and the items.

  • STEP 4

    Close and seal the bag until it is airtight. Leave the bag sealed for 7 days. For best results store sealed bags at room temperature. Open bag and remove bed bug free items.

* Rag in a Bag protocol currently not allowed in OR.

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